Maverick Helicopters


Take your special occasion to the next level with Maverick Helicopter’s premier event spaces, paired with a spectacular flight over the Las Vegas Strip to the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon. Located in the Las Vegas Boulevard terminal, the state-of-the-art facilities allow guests to fully customize their event experience with audio and visual effects, lighting signage, catering and a full-service bar.

Event spaces include:

  • Runway Lounge

    • Intimate, private space

    • Preflight toast available

    • Hosts up to 30 guests

  • South Side Bar

    • Open, semi-private space

    • Hosts up to 70 guests

  • Aviator Events Center

    • Flexible and customizable private space

    • Hosts up to 100 guests

  • Full Building / Facility Buyout

    • Hosts up to 300 guests